Children's Universities in Practice

August 22, 2013

Both PH International and ECHO have executed programs relating to the concept of Children's Universities. Now that we both have practical experience this meeting concerned an exchange of experience, differences and similarities.

The similarity among the legal socialization program (MAK LSP) and the Junior Academy activity in The Netherlands is reflected in the target group. Both activities are targeting juveniles (elementary school children). Both programs have intention to support inclusive education and positive citizenship concept. The activities of the Junior Academy are building future intellectuals/academics and the Legal socialization program is focusing of rule of law and responsible citizenship. In the Junior Academy activity ECHO is focusing on motivation of the students to continue their education, on the other hand MAK LSP program is focusing on immediate reaction to the growing rate of juvenile delinquency in Macedonia. 

ECHO organized a 5 day activity of Junior Academy in The Netherlands. The activity was led by ECHO ambassadors (awarded students) who were volunteers and have led the children throughout entire activity. Main purpose was to introduce juveniles with the meaning of higher education and the excitement of this important life experience. The volunteers were firstly trained how to approach to children from 9-11 age and were introduced with the pedagogical methods. 

Very similar training of trainers was organized by PH Intentional Macedonia in order to introduce the police officers to work with children on issues regarding Legal Socialization in elementary schools. Alike the teachers police officers did not have experience in working with children form 13- 14 years of age.  

ECHO shared a reflection on the energy of the children, who were by the end of the week very active and at some point difficult to manage. ECHO  was advised by PH that in case of difficult topics (like in the MAK LSP program: juvenile justice, abuse of children, drugs etc)  it is better to use illustrations and real case studies in order to intrigue children. 

We feel like this meeting has given us a new direction in our discussions and exchange, because we both have practical experience now and more hands on tools to continue our learning process.

Initial Exchange

September 28, 2012

The first step we took was to exchange a background infosheet with a brief history of our organizations, so that we both have a framework to work with. With these contexts in mind it'll be easier to explore differences and similarities and move forward to common goals and learning themes.

ECHO background infosheet.docx139.61 KB
PH International background infosheet.doc29.5 KB

Porto Conference

November 27, 2012 - November 28, 2012

On November 27th and November 28th ECHO visited the SiS Conference in Porto and presented an overview of the Mentoring Associates Program experience between ECHO and PH International. Unfortunately Biljana Nastovska wasn't able to attend the conference, so Pravini Baboeram represented the both of them during a short presentation on their progress. With a brief introduction on ECHO and PH International Pravini elaborated on their action plan and exchange outcomes so far. With a personal video made by Biljana (recorded during the ECHO Conference), both ECHO and PH International were able to capture their learnings.

Porto Conference.pdf543.58 KB

ECHO visits PH International in Macedonia

February 5, 2013

On February 5th Pravini Baboeram-Mahes and ECHO Ambassador Mohamed Chohabi visited PH International in Macedonia to meet up with Bijlana Nastovska and her colleagues and counterparts. The first meeting of the day was Ms. Merita Maksuti, PH International Program/Country Director to engage in a conversation about the programs PH International is setting up, their challenges and successes. They also gave an insight in the meaning of living in a multicultural society in Skopje.

After the morning meeting we were able to meet with Sali Salija, Head of Sector for Police and Criminal Affairs. Both he and his colleague elaborated on their role in the programs PH International has set up. ECHO was also delighted to meet the energetic young team of the Educational Youth Forum. The work they do was very similar to the work ECHO does. During this visit ECHO was also introduced to an organization that is working with the Roma community in Skopje.

In between the meetings Biljana took Pravini and Mohamed to see the city and to show the divide between the Albanian and Macedonian community. Being in Skopje really brought all the conversations about the challenges to life, so the visit was very useful to gain that insight and understanding.

Agenda NL visit MA.docx15.39 KB

PH International visits ECHO in The Netherlands

November 22, 2012 - November 23, 2012

On November 22nd and November 23rd we, Biljana Nastovska and Pravini Baboeram-Mahes, had our first personal meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Over the course of two days Biljana was introduced to several organizations and key figures who contribute to creating a more inclusive environment for young students from non-western backgrounds. On November 22nd we met up with ECHO Ambassador Mohamed Chohabi, co founder of Bureau for Social Rehabilitation and Recovery in The Hague. His work entails guiding and supporting (former) youth delinquents and their families in participating successfully in Dutch society. His experience and programs have been a great inspiration to the work Biljana is setting up in Macedonia.

In the evening we attended the lecture by dr. Frank Tuitt hosted by the New Urban Collective at the VU University in Amsterdam. During this gathering Biljana was able to gain knowledge on the meaning of inclusive excellence in education. We also witnessed discussions conducted by students from several backgrounds on why race matters in education.

On November 23rd Biljana attended the ECHO Conference in Utrecht where we joined the plenary sessions with dr. Frank Tuitt and participated in the workshops on inclusive excellence in practice and building research-based learning communities together. In between all the sessions we were also able to interact with other participants, students and ECHO staff.

Agenda MA visit NL.docx137.3 KB

Pravini visits PH International

February 5, 2013

Partner visit Number 2

Location: Skopje, Macedonia

Individuals involved: Pravini Baboeram-Mahes (ECHO), Mohamed Chohabi (ECHO) and Biljana Nastovska (PH International)