Voula's second visit to Chrzanów

June 14, 2013 - June 16, 2013

We both learned a lot of new things from each other and from children themselves. It was very interesting to see the changes occurred in all areas covered by this partnership:

  • in children – being more active than in previous CU activities
  • in volunteers – looking at their role in CU from a broader perspective
  • in parents – being more confident and proud of the achievement of the child
  • in partners themselves – working as a team, reflecting their views, being open to each other's influence. We learned that looking from the visitor’s point of view often changes the perspective.

Jolanta: "As for my point of view, during Voula's lecture on democracy, we learned that the term “hands-on activities” means using the whole body: mind, imagination or senses and not only touch. A traditional lecture hall with a bunch of 150 children can be transformed into vivid environment - where children actively participate - just by using their imagination, brains or raising hands. No matter the size of the group, the type of venue, or experiments you do with your hands, Voula showed us how to transform very static and traditional lecture into vivid experience, where children can actively participate in using only their body.

Voula throwed the question "Should water be kept in private hands or be public?" and students got involved in a lively debate on democracy. Even though it lasted only 10 minutes it was for us an unforgettable learning experience.

For the Youth Children’s University of Greece - which is starting now -  the highlights of the visit was to observe the graduation ceremony and the celebration of the Foundation's 5th anniversary, the rituals, the commitment of all parties:

  • children; their enthusiasm and  bright minds,
  • parents; their proudness and importance for their kids' future choices
  • volunteers; their approach to working with children
  • the CU organizers together with the advisors.

Our students enjoyed a lecture given in English - translated on site into Polish. To our surprise, many of our students found the translation helpful but not of real neccessity. They asked us to invite English-speaking lecturers over more often, as for them it was something worth repeating.

Voula’s second visit was a very intense one. We published some pictures onto Picassa

We also had a local TV channel filming the lecture and the ceremony - which you can have a look at by clicking here ; Voula appears at 3.12' and 3.45'

Malopolski University for Children & Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio

April 24, 2013

Update on the Mentoring Partnership between Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio (University of Athens), Greece and The Foundation of Malopolski University for Children, Poland:

A first meeting occurred over a three-day period in April 2013.

At the Foundation of Malopolski University for Children:

  • 18 subjects / science lectures are organised
  • For children aged 6 to 12
  • Facilitators are University Student.

Similar activities are offered in Greece where we are trying to establish a Children’s University in Athens during the summer time – challenged by sustainability issues. We're trying to seek an organization in Athens to help us work within very modest budget given current economic realities in Greece.

The Polish situation is different. For example, connections are established between universities and key government officials.

Lessons Learned: Never say never – always be open to new experiences

We're planning a 2nd visit to Greece during summer 2013.

Unfortunately, Voula couldn't make it to Tartu because of travelling issues.

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Here is a link to Malopolski University for Children website for more pictures of Voula's visit to Poland:

Jolanta (Poland) & Voula (Greece)1.23 MB