Mudança de Cena, Brazil - the work we do and Forum Theatre

April 24, 2013

From Yara Toscano; Mudança de Cena, Sao Paolo, Brazil:

This video gives a glimpse of what people from and around my community do and what Mudança de Cena does with them. How has Forum Theatre changed their live...beautiful moments, experiences and images are captured in this short film.

Missing subtitles will be added to the video as soon as possible - we're working on it!

Enjoy watching and learning from this short film and get inspired from Brazilian people.

The link with Kenya will help create from the ground up – a children’s university in Kenya – implementing the notion of forum theatre in the classroom setting within a school.

Thank you all for your attention! Tchau !

Hellen Holi, who represents my Mentoring Associate (Vision Educational Resources, Kenya) could not join us in Tartu for personal reasons but we will meet in July and August.

Children's University of Łódź & University of Liverpool

April 24, 2013

From Anna Janicka; Children's University of Łódź:

Presentation of the activities we implement in our institution - "Laboratory of the Young Chemist" or "Fantastic physics", "Concerts with Children" - but also our outreaches.The Prezi used during the presentation is for educational purpose only so cannot be attached, but here is a link to the Children's University of Łódź where you will find our details:

From AB Abrahamson; University of Liverpool:

Briefly presentation of the work of Helen Aspinal, from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool.

Here's a link to the University of Liverpool's Chemistry Department webpage:

On the link above you will find more information about the work the Chemistry Department do:

  • popular schools programme offering revision classes
  • lab days
  • teaching resources
  • events (festivals, science competitions and demonstrations).

MCYU and Kinderuni Tübingen

April 24, 2013

From Katrin Scheinemann; McMaster - Children & Youth University, Canada and Michael Seifert; Tübingen University, Germany:

We presented how the exchange of experience and expertise through our Mentoring Association has impacted or will impact the work and activities we do.

The powerful video Michael Seifert showed us is available on the following link:

Silverlight version:


Thank you for your attention

MacMasters & Tuebingen in Tartu1.56 MB

Mentoring Partnership between Joensuu Science Society, Finland & Junge Uni, Austria

April 24, 2013

From Silvia Prock; Junge Uni, Innsbruck:

Shared my experience and the learning from my last visit to Joensuu Science Society, Finland.

Lessons learned during that visit to Finland:

  • importance of hospitality
  • education discussions took place in Finland in 1970’s
  • excellent Finnish teacher training system
  • equality
  • trust
  • learning oriented way of teaching

Coming next:

  • Discuss the finish model of SciFest – more integration of teachers to Actionday in Innsbruck
  • Visit of Ilkka Jormanainen, Executive Director Joensuu Science Society, to Innsbruck for the Actionday in autumn
  • Discuss concept of Sparkling Science; the specific characteristic of the programme: so far, there have been 209 projects (113 of them have already finished); scientists worked and work side by side with young people in current scientific research projects.
Joensuu Science Society, Finland & Junge Uni, Austria_Tartu1.18 MB

ConSol, Croatia & EEIU, Ethiopia

April 24, 2013

From Amir Spahic: Update on the partnership between ConSol, Croatia & Eco-Ethics International Union, Ethiopia

Tamrat could not get to Tartu on time for the MAs Showcase Session but I presented his experience from his last visit to Croatia between Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd.

The programme (available on the blog as "Tamrat's visit to Croatia") was well scheduled and the learning and sharing of experience and good practice very intense.

Various activities were organised such as Interactive education sessions with mixed group of students – science focus.

Croatian children's representation of "flowing H2O"

ConSol & EEIU Ethiopia_Tartu180.42 KB

Association Paris-Montagne - the work we do

April 25, 2013

From Camille Breton - Paris Montagne: presentation on Thursday 25th of the work we do at the Association.

Marko Kosicek - who represents the mentoring partner Society for Out of Frame Education, Croatia - couldn't attend the conference in Tartu.

However, we will meet in Paris in May 2013 future and work on our Action Plan.

Paris-Montagne_Tartu553.93 KB

ACUP - Catalan Association of Public Universities & Universidad de los ninos EAFIT in Tartu

April 24, 2013

From Jose and Alba:

Sustainability was our initial plan, with the aim of developing an impact evaluation model.

Our last visit in Columbia revealed that we had different interpretations and different expectations; which only appeared as a result of person visits.

We came up with common definitions  for “learning” and other mutually shared terms to better facilitate discussions

  • Lessons Learned:
  1. We took into consideration and compared our audiences, frequency, continuity, interaction with schools and university, team, workshop design, activity duration, number of universities;
  2. Communication is not always easy – as a result of differences in interpretation;
  3. Learning best takes place in person; even when you speak the same language.
  • Our New Plan: Children’s university – for what? We're now looking at arguments
  • We've identified three levels of sustainability; moving from the general to the specific:
  1. arguments
  2. evaluation criteria
  3. evaluation tools
  • We will consider the following perspectives: society, government, higher education, school, family, child (child at the centre of increasingly larger concentric circles)

Thanks a lot for your attention y muchas gracias a otros miembros de EAFIT y ACUP por participar en la conferencia por video

ACUP & EAFIT_Tartu9.68 MB

Malopolski University for Children & Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio

April 24, 2013

Update on the Mentoring Partnership between Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio (University of Athens), Greece and The Foundation of Malopolski University for Children, Poland:

A first meeting occurred over a three-day period in April 2013.

At the Foundation of Malopolski University for Children:

  • 18 subjects / science lectures are organised
  • For children aged 6 to 12
  • Facilitators are University Student.

Similar activities are offered in Greece where we are trying to establish a Children’s University in Athens during the summer time – challenged by sustainability issues. We're trying to seek an organization in Athens to help us work within very modest budget given current economic realities in Greece.

The Polish situation is different. For example, connections are established between universities and key government officials.

Lessons Learned: Never say never – always be open to new experiences

We're planning a 2nd visit to Greece during summer 2013.

Unfortunately, Voula couldn't make it to Tartu because of travelling issues.

Please share your comments.

Here is a link to Malopolski University for Children website for more pictures of Voula's visit to Poland:

Jolanta (Poland) & Voula (Greece)1.23 MB

Vienna-Copenhagen Partnership

April 24, 2013

Here is a link to the Prezi we presented in Tartu  - Prezis are fun !

Lessons learned: The way in which youth leaders led sessions with children was unexpected.


We're planning a 3rd visit in August where Torben will return to Vienna to learn from a project that has been ran for 7 years now - "Children’s University Road Trip".


Thank you very much for your attention.

Please share your comments.


April 23, 2013

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