What We Recommend Videos Published

Videos from the What We Recommend series of workshops have now been published on YouTube.

What We Recommend; Voices and Opinions of young people was a series of workshops which gave young people an opportunity to reflect on education and access to knowledge.

19 groups of 10-16 year olds had the chance to question various aspects of education. They developed recommendations, on a global and local scale, on how to improve access to knowledge and education according to their expectations and desires.

In line with the SiS Catalyst focus on locally defined minorities, we encouraged institutions and organisations who hosted a What We Recommend workshop to put considerable emphasis on running the sessions with young people who are currently least likely to progress to higher education.

The workshop itself is a series of activities that work together to help prepare the young people to identify their own thoughts and come up with their own recommendations. Each activity has its own objective that moves the workshop towards the end goal: children making their own recommendations and recording them in a video.

A playlist of all videos of young people’s recommendations from all different localities has now been published on YouTube. You can view the videos here.

The videos were screened during the SiS Catalyst and EUCU.NET conference in Vienna in September 2014, and will also be shown during the second World Congress on Access to Post-Secondary Education in Malaysia in 2015.