Edinburgh Policy Briefing

Children’s Rights, Institution’s Responsibilities

Transforming Strategy into Reality


Our first policy briefing was held on the 28th February 2013 at the University of Edinburgh.

The Council of Europe, in its new programme “’Building a Europe for and with Children’ – towards a strategy for 2012-2015” sees its role as a catalyst for the effective implementation in Europe of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. SiS Catalyst, through this policy seminar, hoped to engage with policy makers in contributing to the education aspect of the Council’s strategic objectives 1: Promoting child-friendly services and systems; and 4: Promoting child participation. This by-invitation-only seminar provided an opportunity to mobilise mutual learning amongst all stakeholders not only in the importance of listening to children but also how institutions and national governments can play a role in establishing a culture of respect for children’s views and decisions.


Policy makers are also change makers. They are leaders within our governments, institutions, business and community organisations. They are people who can make the changes needed to ensure that children have opportunities to engage with decision makers and to participate in education. At this seminar participants were invited to endorse the SiS Catalyst Ankara and Porto Declarations on children’s rights and our responsibilities.


You can read the programme for the event here, and follow the links in the side menu to view the presentations and read reflections from some of the attendees.