In her keynote, Tricia Jenkins, the principal investigator of SiS Catalyst, spoke about the key messages of SiS Catalyst for policy makers in light of the Council of Europe's Strategy for the Rights of the Child.

View Tricia's Presentations here


Following a roundtable discussion on the implications of the strategy for countries and institutions, the focus moved to the various aspects of the SiS Catalyst project.


Margit Sutrop from the Centre for Ethics at Tartu University, Estonia gave a presentation on the ethics of working with children, as an insight into the work of work package 10.

View Margit's presentation here


'The Key Players Effecting Change' by Ari Tarkiainen, from NKUAS, Finland explained the concept of 'hands-on' and 'enabling' key players and their roles.

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Florian Kaiser from the European Student's Union spoke about the role of students within SiS Catalyst and science in society activities.

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Hendrik Asper from ECHO in the Netherlands closed this part of the seminar with a presntation on measuring the impact.

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After lunch, there was a showing of a short video from the 'We are the Future' event. A delegation of young people from across Europe attended the Ministerial Conference and Third Bolgna Policy Forum in Bucharest, April 2012.

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Professor Colin Graham from the University of Edinburgh was joined be 6 of his students to present the Geoscience outreach module that he runs. An institutional example in developing student's expertise in science outreach and engagement, teaching and knowledge transfer by working with external partners such as schools exhibitions, museums, outdoor visitor centres, science centres, community groups and other organisations.

View Colin's presentation here

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