Second Strategic Development and Embedding Conference, Porto

Our next conference will take place in Porto, 28th-30th November 2012, alongside the EUCU.NET conference.

The current generations of students are changing the paradigms of learning and teaching. But what will the next generation do? How is their use of technology influencing their individual learning journeys and their progression to higher education?

If higher education institutions use ICT to communicate and engage with children, for example, to explore the magic of science, how can this be a two way process? Technology enables a dialogue to occur.  How can politicians, managers and educationalists use the technology to learn from children in order to adapt their institutional learning for the 21st century?

This conference is going to explore the impact of new technologies on children and the potential of new technologies for targeting and highlighting educational opportunities. We are going capture the learning within the conference in various workshops and mentoring through the contributions of junior advisors. The aim of the conference is to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of information technology and its accessibility from various perspectives. This will include children and young people, politicians, educationalists, sociologists, university managers, lecturers and geeks.

Our Resources Page on the theme of Technucation contains links to books, articles and web resources to help you gain a broader understanding of the topic.