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Engaging With Children

This section of our website is designed for people working in organisations to encourage and support them to engage with children, to learn from them and to provide them with opportunities for learning.

At the heart of SiS Catalyst's work  is the recognition  that we have to find ways of taking account of children's hopes and dreams when we make decisions today that will affect their futures.

We also aim to inspire and empower children - especially those who are disadvantaged -  so that they will have a brighter future through education.

Here you will find resources, tools and information to help you to egage effectively with children and opportunities to share your own experiences and ideas.

Let us know what you think... and what else you need!

Our penultimate newsletter brings together articles from a summer of internships and a study tour on the Native American Flathead Reservation in Montana.

Read it here.


Today marks 25 years since the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

To celebrate this, SiS Catalyst have released a special edition of our newsletter, which looks in depth at the recommendations from our strategic paper 'Children as Societal Actors for a Sustainable Future'. The seven recommendations form a call to action for key players to take into account children's rights, opinions, and potential within their sphere of influence.


Our latest newsletter has been published and can be found here.


Our fourth and final declaration on social mobility through Science in Society has now been published and can be endorsed by both individuals and institutions.

Click here to view the declaration


Videos from the What We Recommend series of workshops have now been published on YouTube.

What We Recommend; Voices and Opinions of young people was a series of workshops which gave young people an opportunity to reflect on education and access to knowledge.

19 groups of 10-16 year olds had the chance to question various aspects of education. They developed recommendations, on a global and local scale, on how to improve access to knowledge and education according to their expectations and desires.


Our latest newsletter has been published, and can be found online here.


As we enter the last few months of SiS Catalyst, we're working hard to ensure that what we have learnt is reflected in the tools and publications we create. Alongside official reports we want to make a set of resources that will be useful long after the end of our European funding.


We're very excited to have been featured in Horizon - the EU research and innovation magazine. You can access the article by clicking here.


The latest issue of the newsletter is now available to read here.



The declaration adopted at our conference in Lodz in October is now online and ready to be endorsed by individuals and organisations.