Children's University of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) & Children's University of Ankara University

What we want to explore together:

Although it is possible to say that sustainability can be ensured for some organizations like Ankara University or MSA, it is really important to put forth a national strategy to ensure full comprehension of know-how of sustaining a Children’s University with all aspects (ie. program structures, lecturers, funds, organizational structure, governmental relations, monitoring etc.) to disseminate the activities at nation-wide.

The project will be about development of national strategies to promote new Children's University initiatives in both countries by proposing an inter-stakeholder model to sustain SiS activities through the countries.

Turkey has the know-how of SiS activities and structures; Egypt has more strong governmental relations. As both of the countries are big and diversified between in their different regions in the mean of equal opportunities (i.e. to reach educational, scientific and social facilities) it is really important to reach all children to socially include them.

Both of our organizations wish to explore means of sustaining Children’s University type of activities, on the national level incorporating both public and private sectors nationwide.  Prepare the personnel capable of running these types of activities supported by appropriate means of funding for sustaining and development.  Recommendations will be made by the end.

What would we like to get out of this Mentoring Partnership:

Through this mentoring partnership we want to be able to:

  • Ensure full comprehension of knowhow sustaining our Children’s University.
  • Enabling constant monitoring of any needed updates according to the feedback of the key players (instructors, students, teachers)
  • Promote this knowledge to other potential Children’s Universities nationwide.
  • Set a strategy to pave the road for any organizations (private sector for funding, NGO sector for dissemination and outreaching or universities for new initiatives)   keen to be involved in science education considering social inclusion.
  • Set-up the connection of the Children’s University types of activities in governmental entities to increase public awareness of the importance of these activities to ensure sustainability.
  • Develop a nationwide strategy to transform these activities from only informal education to both formal/informal educations to increase the base of exposers to these types of activities.
  • Disseminate knowledge to other potential stakeholders to increase the number of Children’s University initiatives.

How do we propose to do it?

It is planned to organize two workshops one in Ankara and the other one in Cairo.

Besides the workshop it is planned to have monthly skype meetings to discuss on going process of the project and discussing strategy documents that will be developed by each partner.

It is also planned to attend international conferences to be in line with SiS Catalyst and EUCU.NET aims and strategies.

Preparing booklets on nation-wide strategies and sustainability of SiS activities also will be the activities planned to be realized within the project.