ConSol & Eco-ethics International Union, Ethiopia

ConSol and EEIU - Ethiopia as Mentoring partners working on an action plan that describes the main subject of the partnership which is Sustainable development.

This subject is pertinent for both organizations because both of us engaged in the work on children, environment, community capacity building and non-formal education.

Through this  partnership both of the organizations take the advantage of exploring the experiences and lessons learnt from the different projects run by our organizations or others in both countries and start planning implementation  of projects or in some case modifying and adapting to the local situation.

Moreover, this learning experience between our organizations gives an opportunity for other institutions and organizations in both countries to learn from our experiences and the network we are widening. And in this case we can serve as mediators and link between projects and institutes, county to countries, universities to universities.

It is fair to say that this partnership qualified to address the challenges of both organizations because as small nonprofit organizations ConSol and EEIU-Ethiopia will have an opportunity of a mutual learning and experience sharing  on the main agenda of their partnership so that each of them will learn how to deal with the specific activities in their organizations with  limited resources and they can even share available resources. The partnership will help us to share already tested programs and project methodologies. The partnership creates a chance of mutual learning and meeting new partners, donors and acquaintances.



What we would like to get out this....

The mentoring program is defined as an opportunity for exploring experience of organizations from different perspectives and relevant to the idea of listening to young people and making them agents of societal change. Our expectation from the program is very high in terms of experience and resources sharing.

However the geographical location, the social, and economical contexts are two different scenarios, the challenges of both countries in terms of the main subject of the partnerships are similar, because of this we are taking the whole process of the program as a chance to explore opportunities to engage with children work, education and sustainability.

General scope of the action plan 

The general scope of the action plan of this mentoring partnership is to learn and investigate the work with children, environment, ecological ethics, non-formal education and science of both organizations and beyond.

In order to achieve this we plan to visit each organization country and projects in relations to our core agenda and spent sufficient time together to learn from each other and talk to the people, especially children involved in our projects, we will record this experience and the outcomes of the visit, so that we would plan together for a final report.

What results are we expecting from this partnership

At each organization level; we will gain new experience, widen our network with the mentoring partners and other relevant organizations and individuals working in collaboration with. This gives us a new outlook for the work we are engaged in and as partners we are expecting results such as;

·         Mutual learning form the partnerships process itself, visits, projects, methodologies etc.;

·         A sustainable way of organization to organization collaboration;

·         A final report as a giude for future collaboration.

In order to achieve our plan we are envisaged to execute the following activities:

·         Visiting each organization country and as many projects as possible;

·         Participating in different programs like workshops, seminars and meetings;

·         Engaging in discussions and meetings how to plan on sharing resources.