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As a Mobilising Mutual Learning Action Plan, SiS Catalyst tried to bridge the gap between the science and society and the social inclusion agendas. It tackled complex issues from different perspectives. In order to achieve our goals, we brought together the knowledge and experiences of communities that may not be already have been working together. 

On this page, we identified resources (links, books, articles, pictures, videos...) helping us to compare different perspectives, to discover research fields and outcomes we might be ignoring, to get acquainted with inspiring projects. And most importantly, we tried to identify what we don't know, but we would need to know.



Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities, exclusion, access… are a core feature of this project crossing science communication with social perspectives: we should gain a basic common understanding of these concepts.

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Enquiry based learning


Children's Perception of Science


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the issue of listening to

the issue of listening to children and dialogue with with them, seems pointless for some here in my country, that is why I think the following two points have to be defined well enough. 1. what do we mean by,we need to listen to them ? 2. do we have some approachs,methodologies and ways that are specially designed to listen, ad help the children to speak?

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