SiS Catalyst aims to show that Science Communication and children’s university type activities, combined with widening access, are powerful tools to vastly change society for the better. Not only do they give opportunities for HEIs to influence young people, but also it gives the young people an opportunity to influence the HEIs in turn, shaping the education system to one that is relevant to the to the needs of those in it.

SiS Catalyst has produced various resources that can help set up and/or develop your own children’s university type activity. Starting with the arguments and cases to influence policy makers and those that can enable you, showing why these types of activities as well as the effects they have are so important. There are also practical tips gleaned from the large experience of our delivery partners and mentoring associates to help you set and run your own activities in your own locale. There are also e-courses to help improve your skills. The Share and Learn section is a chance to look indepth at various specific relevant topics, to share your own knowledge as well as learning from others.

This collection of resources is a ‘Living Library’ and as such will keep growing throughout the remainder of the project as well as into the future.